Why partner with CyberArk?

CyberArk is a growing company within a rapidly growing market. As the number of highly publicized cyberattacks only continue to increase, companies are looking to secure their privileged accounts to protect data and stay out of the headlines. As these attacks continue, regulatory bodies are also catching on and updating their standards to maintain compliance. Privileged account security is a requirement of several regulations world wide – including PCI DSS, MAS TRM, and ISO – and organizations must address these requirements to remain in good standing.

CyberArk Partner Program offers many exciting advantages and opportunities. Become a partner and you will gain access to a new category of targeted security solutions that help your customers stop reacting to cyber threats and get ahead of them. We ensure our partners are fully equipped with all the information and tools you require to sell, implement and support CyberArk.

There are three levels to our Partner Program, providing flexibility in the levels of commitment and engagement.

CyberArk Partner Levels


The highest status available to our partners. Requires high commitments from the partner side and provides the maximum CyberArk benefits.


This status brings successful partners with business strategies and long term plans for CyberArk solution's and provides them with important rewards.


Entry level to the CyberArk partner program.

Features and benefits to all levels:

  • Access to leads and sales assistance

  • Pre-qualified leads

  • Deal registration

  • Not for resale licenses

  • Evaluation license

  • Joint marketing promotions

  • Access to Marketing Development Funds

For full details of the requirements and benefits please contact us.